Students first day is Thursday, August 26th.
  • Thursday August 26th and Friday August 27th we will go through introductions, navigating our class website, class wiki page, and learning the FCS/Health classroom rules and procedures.


Week 1:

Week 2: No School Monday (Labor Day)

As requested by many students and with an improved way for students and parents to access assignments, all assignments for FCS and Health class have started being posted and are available through Google Calendar.

Instructions to see assignments:
1. Go back to our FCS/Health class website at https://sites.google.com/a/vmbulldogs.com/van-meter-family-and-consumer-sciences/
2. On the left hand side, click on what class you are interested in looking at the assignments.
3. Under each class, there is an additional web page labeled "Calendar".
4. When you click on "Calendar" you will see the calendar for the class that you clicked on.
5. You can then choose what day you are interested in seeing and click once on that day.
6. After you click once, a small white box will pop up with the option to click "more details" on the bottom left hand side to see the assignment more in detail.

Many students have also chosen to"add" the FCS or Health class calendar to their own personal Google calendar. We have taken time in class to do so, but if students would still like to add a calendar into their own calendars, once you click on the web page that shows the calendar for the desired class, scroll all the way down to the bottom.
  • On the bottom right hand side, there is a small button that says "+ Google Calendar".
  • Students should log into the vmbulldogs email account first, and then click the "+ Google Calendar" button.
  • A box will then pop up asking if you would like to add this calendar.
  • Click "yes, add to my calendars."
  • Then students will always have their calendars automatically updated each day and week as class assignments are posted and they can check their own calendars instead of always going to the calendar listed on the class website.